What is SHIFT Mobility?

SHIFT Mobility has established itself in recent years as an innovative meeting place on the future of mobility, highlighting the latest developments, discussing fascinating and interesting visions as well as future trends. Mobility meets Tech.
SHIFT Mobility is not only a fair but a combination of convention, exhibition and experience in order to showcase the Mobility of the Future in a tangible and exciting manner.
Please find out more about us on our page ABOUT SHIFT.

When will SHIFT Mobility take place?

This years SHIFT Mobility will take place from 01. – 06. September 2022 in Berlin.
SHIFT Mobility Convention: 01. – 02. September 2022
SHIFT Mobility Exhibition / Experience: 01. – 06. September 2022

How many times has SHIFT Mobility taken place?

In 2022, we are looking forward to present the 5th edition of SHIFT Mobility following our mixed-reality version in 2021.

Who is the organizer of SHIFT Mobility?

SHIFT Mobility is presented and organized by SHIFT Mobility GmbH in cooperation with IFA.

What topics does SHIFT Mobility cover?

Our key topics are:
– E-Mobility
– Car Tech / Connectivity
– Sustainable Mobility / Circularity
– New Urbanism / Urban Mobility
– Logistics
– Female Perspective
– Design is shaping the Future of Mobility
– New Dimensions of Mobility

What kind of sessions should I expect at SHIFT Mobility Convention?

SHIFT Mobility offers the following convention formats:
– Keynote
– Impulse Talk
– Best Case Presentation
– Panel Discussion
– Masterclass
– Think Tank / Workshop
– Start-Up Competition

Who will take part at SHIFT Mobility?

SHIFT brings together thought leaders, researchers, game changers, start-ups and C-level decision makers who are working on the technology and sustainability of tomorrow and will leave a lasting mark on the mobility experience.

What is the COVID-19 policy?

Please find our safety and hygiene concept here.

Where do I find a complete list of all SHIFT Mobility exhibitors and speaker?

All exhibitors and speakers will be announced soon.

Where can I get tickets for SHIFT Mobility 2022?

All ticket information will be announced soon.
Please be aware that the tickets do not include free public transportation within Berlin.

Do IFA tickets grant access to SHIFT Mobility?

Visitors with an IFA tickets are welcome to enter the SHIFT Mobility exhibition.
If you acquire an IFA NEXT premium ticket, you will have unlimited access to all events of the IFA including the SHIFT Mobility exhibition, convention and experience.

Do you offer free entrance for wheelchair users escorts?

Yes, wheelchair user escorts can enter SHIFT Mobility without a ticket.

Is SHIFT Mobility accessible for wheelchairs?

Yes, the exhibition ground will be accessible for wheelchairs.

Do you offer free entrance for children?

Yes, children up to 6 years can enter SHIFT Mobility without a ticket.

Are children allowed to attend SHIFT Mobility by themselves?

Children who have not yet reached the age of 15 are only allowed to enter the fairgrounds if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Exceptions only apply if explicitly stated on postings at the ticket office or in advanced with the SHIFT Mobility team.

Can I bring animals to SHIFT Mobility?

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the exhibition grounds.
Please find further house rules here.

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