Future mobility in a groundbreaking new format: SHIFTx launches as a mixed reality convention, that extends to the next level of presenting topics, brands and products. On September 2nd and 3rd SHIFTx will be in Berlin and in the whole world – a festival of ideas and a digital global platform.

From a mixed reality studio in the German capital, SHIFTx will visit the coolest brands, the fastest thinkers, the most innovative startups and operate simultaneously as a physical and digital global event. “The transition to renewable energy and mobility is bigger than the Industrial Revolution“, says Auke Hoekstra, the director of ZenMo Simulations, one of the renowned speakers at SHIFTx. Therefore, SHIFTx will look at the whole mobility ecosystem and beyond the buzz. Movers and shakers like Imogen Pierce (arrival), Johann Jungwirth (Mobileye), Kirsty Dias (PriestmanGoode), Shannon E. Thomas (VanMoof), Paolo Tumminelli (Designer) or Lapo Elkann (Garage Italia) will give insights. Jan Toschka (Shell) or Alain Visser (Lynk&Co) show how innovation sparks sustainable mobility.

“It has never been more important to talk about the future of mobility and the dynamics of the mobility ecosystem”, says Hans H. Hamer, who has positioned SHIFT Mobility as the up-and-coming brand over the past couple of years.

SHIFTx will go even further. Over 11.000 journalists from over 60 countries will be invited to follow SHIFTx worldwide. SHIFTx is Zeitgeist and agenda-setter and will be entitled “mobility meets tech”. Topics like New Urbanism, New Dimensions of Mobility, Renewable Energy, Data Driven Mobility and Design is shaping the future of mobility will be in the spotlight in 2021. In addition to that the ellectric is hosting the session “elle is driving a new perspective”. With boutique satellite events in Hamburg and Tel Aviv later this year, as well as integrations with CES and SXSW in 2022, SHIFTx has established itself as the platform illuminating the future mobility ecosystem from all angles.

Please register for participating at SHIFTx – 2/3 September 2021.

Link: event.shift-mobility-ifa.com

SHIFTx – 5 Themen Cluster

Sustainable Mobility

The end of the combustion engine is near. On the road to zero emission more and more carmakers are committing themselves to electric vehicles. But how fast can e- mobility do the trick? How can we speed up the process?

New Urbanism

What will the city of the future look like: connected, smart and digital or does it have to stay “dumb” in certain fields to gain resilience? How will mobility be integrated into the cities and the life of future generations?

New Dimensions of Mobility

How does the future mobility ecosystem look like? Who are the significant game changer and disruptor? Do we still need to own a car, or will multimodality give us the options to fulfill our everyday mobility needs? What are the alternatives to transport as we know it?

Design and Mobility

Design is shaping the future of mobility with surprising perspectives, groundbreaking architecture and smart materials. Learn more about the key role of design.

Renewable Energy

Do we need another option than electric vehicles to reach our goals towards carbon neutrality? Not only on the road and track, but also on the water and in the air? Do we really need Hydrogen, sustainable fuels or biofuels in our future mobility or is it just too expensive?

Top Speakers

Andrew DeWit – Professor School of Economic Policy Studies at Rikkyo University, Tokyo

Auke Hoekstra – Program Director NEON, Eindhoven University of Technology, Founder ZENMO Simulations

Boyd Cohen – CEO Iomob-// Mobility on Demand Platform Techstars,2020 European TravelTech Innovator of the Year

Imogen Pierce – Head of City Engagement and Integration, Arrival

Kirsty Dias – Managing Director, PriestmanGoode

Lapo Elkann – Founder Garage Italia, Fondazione LAPS

Scot Wingo – CEO Spiffy, Forbes Technology Council, Vehicle 2.0

Britta Reineke – Founder, ellectric

Johann Jungwirth – Vice President of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), Mobileye

Daniela Richter – Project Lead Windrove & UAM (Urban Air Mobility), Hamburg Aviation

Rebecca Flynn – London School of Economics

Shannon E. Thomas – Head of Experience Design, VanMoof

Jan Toschka – General Manager Shell Retail, DACH

Alain Visser – CEO, Lynk & Co.

Paolo Tumminelli – Professor of Design concepts Universtiy of Cologne; CEO goodbrands

Oliver Heyden – Chief Strategy Officer, Member of Strategy Board, pressrelations GmbH