“E-Mobility is much too general and says nothing. We still think about the same dimension of products.”

Manuel Hug, CEO and Co-Founder of SoFlow AG, wants to drive the mobility revolution and make our mobility more sustainable with the help of innovative E-bikes, E-scooters and E-boards. He proposes to be inspired by the mobility model of ants: Lightweight means of transport with a lot of power.

What will happen if we don´t shift our mobility behaviour?

MH: We will lose even more and more of our precious free time.

What do we have to radically invent, improve or change to realize the turnaround in transport policy?

MH: If it comes to communizing we have to take our ants principle: The vehicle should be lighter, more compact, and the max load / Vehicle weight ratio has to be minimized drastically. All in all, we need to be just much more efficient.

What is the most hyped buzzword in terms of mobility which has in your opinion no impact on the real issues of mobility?

MH: E-Mobility, is much too general and says nothing. We still think about the same dimension of products.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “mobility”?

MH: If you move slow, you will lose time.

What will be the most important thing in 10 years associated with “mobility” that comes to your mind?

MH: Heavy vehicles free zones and micro mobility will be more popular.

If you were able to use only ONE mobility solution for the rest of your life – what mobility solution would you choose?

MH: I would use the most durable and reliable option that exists: my feet and legs.

Why is your topic fundamentally important to shape the future of mobility?

MH: Mainly because of two aspects: First of all, E-bikes and E-scooters allow the buyer to win back flexibility and like this he wins time for his life. The second point is that it solves the space issue.

What do you think which technology will play a big role – if not the biggest role – in shaping the future of mobility?

MH: I think the battery technology and energy storage in general will be a key technology in shaping the future of mobility. In addition, an old-fashioned lightweight construction will also be from great importance in the future.