“AI is the key enabler for autonomous systems. Without AI autonomous vehicles are not solvable.”

In our interview, Manuel Yoon, VP Strategy at Autobrains, talks about the vision of making self-driving cars a reality and how artificial intelligence will make it all possible. Autobrains is an Israeli growth-stage software company in the automotive space founded in 2019. Autobrains provides perception products for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and fully autonomous driving with a new self-learning approach that mimics human driving perception. Manuel joined Autobrains in 2022 after more than ten years at consulting firm Roland Berger where he advised automotive OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, and tech companies globally on their transition towards the software-defined vehicle. Manuel holds a BSc in Business Studies from EBS Universität and an MBA from INSEAD.

What will happen if we don´t shift our mobility behaviour?

MY: According to the IEA, “transport has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector and accounts for 37% of CO2 emissions from end‐use sectors.” The shift towards e-mobility and alternative solutions for all modes of transport is inevitable, if we want to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050, i.e., emission reduction of 20% to 5.7 Gt. We can all contribute with our own mobility behavior to that goal.

What do we have to radically invent, improve or change to realize the turnaround in transport policy?

MY: Time is emissions. We must come to decisions and a clear policy framework faster in order to not create investment uncertainty for sustainable technologies.

What will be the most important thing associated with ‘mobility’ in 10 years that comes to your mind?

MY: I have to say: Autonomous vehicles. It will have the biggest impact on how we are mobile.

If you were able to use only ONE mobility solution for the rest of your life – what mobility solution would you choose?

MY: Definitely, my skateboard.

Why is autonomous driving fundamentally important to shape the future of mobility?

MY: Think about the situation in road transport today: One million road fatalities each year. Furthermore, road transport is responsible for 26% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the EU. Autonomous vehicles have the power to realize zero accidents and reduced GHG emissions.

Which technology will play a big role – if not the biggest role – in shaping the future of mobility?

MY: AI is the key enabler for autonomous systems. Without AI autonomous vehicles are not solvable.

What is the greatest mobility challenge for Autobrains and for your sector industry these days?

MY: The biggest challenge is to make autonomous driving technology safe enough for deployment.

Legal requirements, money, ideas, skills – what is needed the most in your sector in terms of future mobility and why?

MY: Skills. What is needed most are people that are skilled and driven to solve tough problems in AI to build safe autonomous systems.