“We must view sustainability as an opportunity to innovate and transition to both biofuels and electrification.”

What contribution can biofuels make to a more sustainable world in the scope of the mobility transition? Vanessa Thompson, Host of ESG Radio and Senior ESG Manager, addressed this question and other mobility-related topics in our interview.

Vanessa Thompson is the Host of ESG Radio, a show and podcast featuring leaders around the world, building sustainable and economically viable solutions for businesses in every industry. Vanessa is also the author of the new book, Accelerating Innovation: ESG Breakthroughs for Your Business, set to release in the fall of 2022, published by New Degree Press.

What will happen if we don´t shift our mobility behaviour?

VT: Shifting our mobility systems to sustainable systems is necessary to continue life on the planet. The alternative is not an option.

What do we have to radically invent, improve or change to realize the turnaround in transport policy?

VT: We must view sustainability as an opportunity to innovate and transition to both biofuels and electrification. Sustainability is not a cost. It is a chance to reinvent our businesses to be more financially and environmentally sustainable. 

What is the most hyped buzzword in terms of mobility which has in your opinion no impact on the real issues of mobility?

VT: Electrification is a hyped word that does not represent the full scope of solutions that we have to decarbonize the transportation sector.

If you were able to use only ONE mobility solution for the rest of your life – what mobility solution would you choose?

VT: If there was one mobility solution I would use, it would be an electric or biofuel-based private jet.

Why is sustainability fundamentally important to shape the future of mobility?

VT: Because the topic of sustainability determines our fate on the planet.

What do you think which technology will play a big role – if not the biggest role – in shaping the future of mobility?

VT: The technology that will play the biggest role should be biofuels.

Which mobility best cases particularly impress you and why?

VT: Carbon Engineering (a Bill Gates biofuel company) impresses me because they are making biofuels out of carbon in the air. This creates economic demand for extracting pollution.