On the stage of the IFA x SHIFT Innovation Engine the topic RETAIL NEXT – The Future of Shopping will be discussed for the first time with well-known partners, selected panelists and with the attending participants.

This event format was developed especially for manufacturers and retailers of consumer electronics, home appliances and mobility solutions at IFA Berlin. By combining the strengths of SHIFT Mobility and IFA NEXT, RETAIL NEXT is given the appropriate framework to present new ideas and sales concepts for the future of stationary, digital or hybrid retail. All these areas have been experiencing a revolution through technology and design for some years now, not least accelerated by the Corona pandemic – including the retail trade. The industry is becoming faster, more networked and all of this in the shortest possible time. Buyers and sellers have more and more points of contact. The perfect brand experience must meet customer expectations at all points of contact in order to contribute to long-term success.
The classic point of sale experiences and develops a new, greater variety. Thus, virtual spaces will play an increasingly important role alongside the classic retail store, and will be able to offer consumers a much greater variety of touch possibilities and worlds of experience.

In these dynamic times, RETAIL NEXT is the opportunity to discuss the future of the retail trade together and to network with potential new partners and familiarize oneself with new solutions.

Preliminary Speaker Line-UP for the event on 04.09.2020:

Dr.Marc Schumacher /MD and partner of LIGANOVA
Expertise: The future of trade and what we can expect.+

Jörn Scheipers / CEO Studio Vaust

Expertise: Architect and store fitting x POS x POX
Have won the Retail Award Europe!

Magdalen Pusch / Frames (digital out of home )
Expertise: “Mastering Brand Experience – Thanks to Live Marketing: Change from POS to Point of Experience” through out of home screens

Visplay (Vitra): Speaker is in clarification
Expertise: Shared Spaces – how to bring several industries together in one place, POX

Björn Ognebeni / China Letters
Expertise: POS x POX in China

ROOOM / Hans Elster and Jan Bügers
Expertise: Backend x Frontend – How to mirror the physical completely digital. Hybrid Experience
On to offline gearing.